Using the Correct Lamp in your Holophane Fixture?

Each and every Holophane fixture requires a specific lamp to maximize life and lumen output. The wrong lamp can reduce life expectancy and reduce the light hitting the face. Although some operation managers believe in using the “U” lamp to simplify inventories, this practice is costing them more than they can imagine!

Let’s compare the use of a 400W lamp in a Panel Vue.

The correct lamp is the MS400/HOR. This lamp produces 40K Lumens and has a 20K hour Avg Rated Life.
If you were to use a M400U to “save a few dollars” you would in return get 32K Lumens and only 15K hours Avg Rated Life.
Now when you compare the two, the MS400/HOR obviously outperforms the M400U. 25% more light on the board and 25% longer life.
Now ask yourself, “How much does it cost to send personnel out to change a lamp?” The answer is simple, you can not afford to be using the incorrect lamps.

To find out more about the correct lamp in your Holophane fixture