Super Metalarc Pulse Start

Lamps for your Holophane Ad Vue fixtures

Does you ballast have a “ignitor” or a “starter”?

If so, it is probably a Pulse Start Lamp. All Holophane Ad Vue HID fixtures require Pulse Start lamps as well as all Panel Vue and Sign Vue’s built after 2010 due to federal regulations.

Pulse start lamps have a few advantages over non pulse start lamps. The premium performance of a pulse start lamp provides opportunities for higher maintained illumination levels and substantial energy savings. They tend to re strike quicker, have better lumen maintenance, and have less color shift.

The most common pulse start lamp is the MS400/PS/BD only BT28 lamp. This lamp was in production until late 2016 when Sylvania replaced it with the MS400/PS/BD only ED 28. The lamp is almost identical except the ED 28 does not have the protruding nipple on the end of the lamp jacket. If you are looking at a expired lamp in your billboard light, it is probably a MS400/PS/BD BT28. Don’t worry, we’ll know exactly which one to give you.

For more information be sure to read our article on using the correct lamp in your Holophane fixture.

Sylvania Super Metalarc Pulse Start

Consider This

The correct lamp for a bottom mounted Ad Vue is the MS400/PS/BD only ED28. If you mount your Ad Vue from above, you have to use a MS400/PS/BU only ED28 lamp.

Pulse Start Brochure

Super Metalarc Pulse Start Specifications

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HID Lamp Product Safety Sheet

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