The Simplest LED Fixture Installation In The Industry

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May 13, 2020
The Simplest LED Fixture Installation In The Industry

Save time and money with the simple installation of a Sign Vue LED

When redesigning the second generation of fixtures, we went to extra lengths to accommodate different apron heights and fixtures that weren't exactly in the correct position to begin with. Accepting both 1 1/2" square tubing or the existing 1 1/4" rigid, we have you covered. No need to go to the expense of moving your existing arms or having to add an extra arm for a cumbersome fixture.

Whether you are installing Holophane LED fixtures on a new sign or retrofitting your entire market, the Sign Vue LED family is the perfect fit.

Our most common copy sizes are Posters, 10'6 x 36, and Bulletins


Posters traditionally had one Panel Vue HID fixture 1-2 ft. below the copy and 5 ft. out from the copy. The Panel Vue 2 LED is a direct replacement. Ideal design placement is 1 ft. below and 5 ft. out. Amazingly the Panel Vue 2 LED works well anywhere from zero to 2 ft. down and as close as 4ft out from the copy.

10'6 x 36

10'6 x 36's were typically set up using either two Panel Vue or using three Sign Vue HID fixtures. Typical apron height on this size is 30'. Both the Panel and Sign Vue 2 LEDs are direct replacements even with a smaller apron.

14 x 48

Bulletins or 14 x 48's are traditionally set up using either four Sign Vue or two Ad Vue HID fixtures. Apron Height is typically 3 ft. and the fixtures were most commonly placed 6 ft. out form the copy. Both the new Sign Vue 2 LED and Ad Vue LED are direct replacements. For new construction, consider 3 Sign Vue 2 LEDs. For most applications, this is a great fit maximizing energy savings and overall cost.

For miscellaneous size faces or just the oddball structure, please give us a call.

We pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable lighting designers in our industry. With years of knowledge and in house photometric software, we can tell you exactly where and how to illuminate your board.

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