PanelVue Billboard Light Fixture

Holophane Panel Vue HID

Built specifically for smaller billboards and poster boards

The Outdoor Industry Standard for Poster’s

With its horizontal (wide) light pattern, The Holophane Panel Vue billboard light fixture is designed to light up to a 12’ high advertising sign.  This industry icon is suitable for mounting off the catwalk at the bottom (preferable) and/or the top of the sign.

Typical configurations include a single Panel Vue on a Poster mounted 5 ft. out from the copy and 1-2 ft. below the copy. Two or three fixtures are usually used on a 10’6 x 36 Jr mounted 5 ft out from the copy and 2-3 ft. below the copy.   Available as a 250 watt or a 400 watt fixture, the Panel Vue comes in both Brown or Gray. Replacement lenses are also available for this light fixture. Just ask for Holophane part number 769.

To see the latest version of the Panel Vue billboard fixture, check out the Panel Vue 2 LED billboard light.

Panel Vue Brochure

Panel and Sign Vue Product Sheet

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Panel Vue Cut Sheet

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