Warehouse Lighting Options

Although lighting your billboards to the highest standards is our passion, we can also assist you with lighting your warehouse or shop. Many often overlook this option and it can have a greater ROI than even a billboard. Fact is you often have over a dozen 400 watt or even 1000 watt high bays illuminating these spaces. Why not replace these with LED as well?

Here at Reliable Electric Products Company we carry both LED high bays and LED replacement lamps. Our high bays of course come from the number one name in lighting, Acuity Brands. You all have seen their craftsmanship and performance through Holophane’s Sign Vue family of LED’s. Our replacement lamps are particularly exciting for us. We partnered with GE to produce the highest lumen producing direct replacement lamp to hit the market.

The GE LED175/2M400/840 is an excellent choice for the consumer looking to replace their 400 watt metal halide lamps. This is not your typical Chinese lamp you find in the big box store or on a website somewhere. Producing over 22,000 lumens with a Color Rendering of 80, it will not disappoint you. Best yet, you simply unscrew the old lamp and screw in the new lamp.  Instantly you have gone from a 400 watt lamp to a 175 watt lamp with excellent performance. Multiply those energy savings by a dozen or so and you can really see the savings.

The GE LED175/2M400/840 is rated at 50,000 hours and comes with a 5 year warranty from GE.

On that note. Many of you have asked if you can use this lamp with your existing billboard lights. The answer is yes, but…. a Sign Vue2 , Panel Vue 2, or Ad Vue do a much better job illuminating your copy. As with most retrofit kits designed for billboard lighting, it just doesn’t have the punch most customers are looking for. After all, you are in the business of selling great looking copy. When not light it with the best fixture possible.

GE LED175/2M400/840 Sales Sheet

LED replacment for HID-Preliminary Sell Sheet GEN 2-Plus 175W

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