Tork Updates the EWZ series

For the last 8 years, the EWZ series manufactured by Tork has been one of our industries most popular and dependable timers for billboard lighting. For 2016, Tork has combined the single channel EWZ103 and the two channel EWZ201 into one unit, the EWZ201C.

Combining the functions of both units simplifies your plants inventory needs and allows you to stock both a single channel and two channel timer with one simple to use solution. Programming remains essentially the same except on the very first step, the screen asks the user whether they would like to use the timer as a single or two channel unit. Once determined, the programmer follows the same steps as the original EWZ103 or EWZ201. The units is also capable to handle the specific inrush currents associate with billboard LED fixtures.

Tork EZ Billboard Time Clock

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