SignVue LED II Product Quality

You know quality as soon as you see it. So it’s no secret that Holophane is well known for producing high quality products. And if you’ve had the chance to see it in action then you also know that the Sign-Vue® LED II is no exception.

Mechanical Features

The Sign-Vue® LED II has been constructed to exceptional standards making it an ideal solution for renovation and new construction projects.

  • Driver and LED life > 100,000 hours
  • IP-66 Rated for Optical Compartment – gasketed optical assembly
  • 3G Vibration Rated
  • CSA safety listing for 40C, wet location
  • Convection cooling for superior thermal management
  • 5,000 hour rated salt spray finish

Electrical Features

Take a look beyond the obvious energy savings and you’ll find a product built with uniformity, compatibility, and flexibility in mind.

  • Auto-sensing voltage 120-277V universal input (with an optional 347-480V capacity)
  • Terminal block for supply connection for ease of installation
  • Surge device designed to meet ANSI/IEEE C62.41 – Category C- 10Kv/5Ka
  • AO Module- The field-adjustable output module allows users to field adjust light output and corresponding wattage in field for increased energy savings.

Installation made easy

With its sleek attractive dayform construction, weighing less than ½ of comparable HID sign lighting, these robust fixtures eliminate issues when retrofitting to existing structure.

  • Fixed mount 1.25” round or 1.5”square – no adjustment needed (top mount available)
  • Maintains the existing base casting with an industry accepted electrical housing to avoid issues when retrofitting to existing structures
  • Tool-less entry for the electrical compartment
  • Weight  ~28 pounds

So now you know what it takes to create the most durable and reliable LED fixture in the outdoor advertising industry. There’s a lot more to a quality fixture than exceptional illumination. Built tough as nails yet designed for quick and easy installation, the Sign-Vue® LED II is the perfect high performance / low maintenance solution for your next sign lighting project.

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