Introducing Smart Link

What Is It? Basically, a M2M controller does away with the need to change time clock settings and diagnose electrical issues on-site by remotely controlling and monitoring your billboards from your computer.

This is accomplished by logging onto a secure website that essentially relays a cellular signal to the face to either change schedules or report any electrical issues. Imagine a system similar to a charting program where you could view all of your faces, when they are scheduled to illuminate, make changes if need be, and see if you had any recent electrical issues.

With a relatively short return on investment (typically less than 3 years based on utility savings alone), the Smart Link solution is the clear leader of this upcoming technology.

6 ways the Smart Link 302 will save you money

  • Utility Savings by Turning Off Unsold Panels
  • Ulitity Savings with Exact Sunrise/Sunset Turn On and Off Schedules
  • Multiple Burn Schedules
  • Reduced Illumination Credits-POP
  • No Light Rides- POP
  • Utility Rebate Programs

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