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Lights Action Billboards Showcase Environmental Progress

The website advertisingweek.com recently posted a article written by Ken Kline featuring the Holophane Sign Vue LED family of LED billboard lights. Many of you in the billboard industry know Ken as the Executive Vice President of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Ken touches base on a few green initiative items the billboard industry is undertaking. These items include retrofiting Holophane HID fixtures with Holophane LED fixtures, recycling posters, fuel efficient vehicles, and solar.

Reliable Electric Products Company would personally like to give a hats off to Meadow Outdoor, Norton Outdoor, and Outfront Media for their progress on converting to LED’s. The wonderful operations team at Meadow Outdoor has made it a priority over the last two years to convert their markets to the Holophane LED billboard fixtures. Chris Zukin, the general manager of Meadow Outdoor briefly discusses the benefits of the Holophane Sign Vue LED’s in this article and mentions how much energy is on tap to be saved. Over 1.2 million kilowatt hours and $116,030 is a pretty impressive savings and we are very honored to have been a part of this project.

You can read the article for yourselves atĀ Advertising Week’sĀ Lights, Action! Billboard article.

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