3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit Nex™ Cross-Over Harness, Positioning/Climbing

Aluminum back, front and side D-rings, locking quick connect buckle leg straps, comfort padding
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Cross-Over-Style Positioning/Climbing Harness with Hybrid Shoulder, Back and Leg Comfort Padding

ExoFit NEX™ harnesses, the most advanced harnesses in the industry, are the combined result of 3M's experience with ExoFit™ and ExoFit™ XP. Continuous improvement through ongoing research and the implementation of new materials and innovative features make the ExoFit NEX™ a best-in-class fall protection solution. True to 3M's NEX mission, these harnesses are made using premium materials that do not add excessive weight for optimum comfort.

When speed and efficiency are crucial project requirements, ExoFit NEX™ will provide the flexibility and assurance to work at your maximum potential. ExoFit NEX™ harnesses are designed using durable materials, so they are built last. Get into the best, the ultimate comfort, function, and durability harness, ExoFit NEX™.

Size Options:

Small (1113106)
Medium (1113109)
Large (1113112)
X-Large (1113115)

Product Highlights

  • Hybrid shoulder, back and leg comfort padding
  • Stand-up lightweight aluminum back D-ring
  • Lightweight aluminum front D-ring
  • Lightweight aluminum side D-rings
  • Web-locking quick-connect chest and leg straps
  • Repel™ webbing
  • Protective shoulder caps

3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit Nex™ Cross-Over Harness, Positioning/Climbing Specifications *( 1,2 )

Model Number(s):
1113106, 1113109, 1113112, 1113115
Product Series:
ExoFit NEX™
Product Category(s):
Climbing Harnesses, Multi Use & Positioning Harnesses
Size Option(s):
Small (SKU: 1113106)
Medium (SKU: 1113109)
Large (SKU: 1113112)
X-Large (SKU: 1113115)
D-Ring Placement:
Back, Front, Side
Body Belt:
Buckle Type:
Duo-Lok™ Quick Connect
Chest Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Harness Application:
Climbing, Positioning
Leg Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Padding Location Type:
Shoulder/Back and Leg
Product Color:
Recommended Industry:
Mining, Construction, Transportation, General Industrial
Specifications Met:
ANSI A10.32, ANSI Z359.3, OSHA 1910.66
Torso Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Webbing Material:
Repel™ Polyester
Weight Capacity:
420 lbs. (190 kg)
Product Weight(s):
4.7 lbs. (SKU: 1113106)
4.8 lbs. (SKU: 1113109)
4.9 lbs. (SKU: 1113112)
4.9 lbs. (SKU: 1113115)
UPC / GTIN No(s).:
00648250164822 (SKU: 1113106)
00648250164839 (SKU: 1113109)
00648250164846 (SKU: 1113112)
00648250164853 (SKU: 1113115)
Manufacturer Part No(s).:
70007426748 (SKU: 1113106)
70007426755 (SKU: 1113109)
70007420303 (SKU: 1113112)
70007426771 (SKU: 1113115)
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