Tork Time Clocks

One of the most popular time switchs for astronomical control

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About this product

When Paragon discontinued the Suntracker, a favorite among most billboard companies, we started searching for a replacement to fit into our service panels and use as a stand alone unit. We had high standards which included reliability, contact ratings, the ability to program faces independently, and most importantly the ease of use for our customers. After testing many different models we chose the EWZ series from Tork.

Tork has combined both the EWZ103 and EWZ201 into a new unit called the EWZ201C. This gives the users the flexibility of both a single channel and two channel timer in just one unit. The EWZ series is an excellent choice when upgrading your billboard lights to our Holophane LED lights.

  • True Astronomical function when set to automatically adjust for sunrise and sunset times throughout the year.
  • 100 hours Capacitor backup —no battery to replace.
  • Permanent schedule retention if the capacitor should go past the time it can display the program.
  • The clock automatically can be set to compensate for Daylight Saving & Leap Year.
  • Built in 30 amp ballast rated relay(s) @ 120 volt operation, 20 amp at 240 volt operation.
  • Ability to operate each face of your billboard on separate schedules.


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    Tork EWZ201C Series Specification Sheet

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    Tork EWZ201C Programming

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    TORK® EWZ201 Programming Simplified

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    TORK® EWZ103 Programming Simplified

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