Smart Link

Remote monitoring and performance tracking

Remotely monitor and control your billboard with solutions from SmartLink.

Developed exclusively for the Outdoor Advertising Industry, the SmartLink is a wireless M2M lighting controller that allows you the operator to remotely change schedules, turn off unsold faces, monitor lamp outages, ballast failures, power failures, power restoration, and track daily proof of performance for customers. All without ever leaving the office.

Smart link is compatible with the Holophane Sign Vue family of LED billboard fixtures.

6 Ways Smartlink Will Save You Money

  • Utility Savings by turning off Unsold Faces
  • Exact Sunset/Sunrise Turn on/Turn-off
  • Reduced Illumination credits with Proof of Performance
  • No Light Rides
  • Utility Rebate Programs
  • Plus: Streamline maintance with a standardized market.

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