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A staple of the outdoor advertising industry
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A staple of the outdoor advertising industry

Reliance is one of the oldest mechanical time clock manufacturers in the country. Many of you might not recognize the name and are looking for the good old Reliable time clock. We’ll this is it. We have been providing these time clocks in our service panels so long, they have become a staple of the outdoor advertising industry and are commonly called Reliable Time Clocks.

The 431 and 432 are your basic mechanical time clocks on steroids. Both are 40 Amps and feature a stainless steel dial, copper switch blades, heavy duty brass terminals, steel gears and a extra heavy duty motor to provide extended life. We are happy to report there are some 431 and 432 time clocks that have been in the field for over 20 years and are continuing to provide an economical alternative to control your billboard lights.

If you're looking for a mechanical time clock with a battery back up, the M series are the clocks for you. The M221A is a 40 Amp DPST time clock with 120 hours battery back. Add a relay for your photocell and it becomes the M221AP. And last but not least, for those of you using our 206MRPSB service panel, you're going to need an M201A which is an SPST time clock.

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