Shock Absorbing Lanyards

The highest quality materials for rigorous safety standards

DBI Lanyards are truly the best in the industry. A harness is only as good as what it is connected to. In the billboard industry most of our clients prefer the Twin-Leg Pelican hook set ups. The “2 legged lanyard” allows climbers freedom of movement so they can work efficiently increasing productivity.

Our two most popular series are the “Shockwave” and the” Protecta” series.

The “Shockwave” series is DBI-Sala’s in house line of shock absorbing two legged lanyards. Available with both snap hooks and pelican hooks in steel and aluminum for reduced weight. This lanyard expands to 6 ft. and automatically contracts back to 4 ½ ft. In the unfortunate event of a fall, the inner core automatically begins to extend itself absorbing energy and limiting some of the arrest forces.

For the budget minded climber, check out the Protecta 1340161. Protecta is the sister company to DBI Sala and makes great, safe, and compliant alternatives.

For idea’s, see below for our most common lanyards. Also while your there, check out DBI’s current promotion. Through 2017 DBI Sala is giving you the opportunity to trade in your beat up lanyard in their ” Trade-In, Trade Up Program”. Great opportunity to earn some cash while upgrading your equipment.

Billboard Safety Equipment Lanyard

100% Tie-Off Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Protecta® PRO™ Model: 1340161

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DBI-Sala® ShockWave™ 2 Model: 1244448

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DB-Sala® ShockWave™ 2 Model: 1244412

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DBI-Sala® ShockWave™ 2 Model: 1244409

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DBI Lanyard Trade In Program_details

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DBI terms_and_conditions for trade in program

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