Full Body Harnesses

The most important equipment choice you can make

Did you know that the harness is the most important piece of equipment for your employees? Smart decisions not only protect you and your employee, they can provide comfort, confidence,  compliance, and increase productivity while working on your billboard. For these reasons, we always recommend harnesses by DBI SALA.

DBI SALA harnesses are known for their innovations such as spring loaded, stand-up back D-rings, quick connect buckles, and of course comfort. All DBI SALA harnesses meet today’s stringent applicable standards and regulations.

The most common set up when used climbing a billboard is the 4D ring set up. This provides the employee a back D ring, two side D rings, and a front D ring. The decisions from there depend on level of comfort and budget. Our most common lines include, ExoFit, ExoFit XP, ExoFit NEX, and for maximum back support the ExoFit STRATA series.

The ExoFit series is the standard for today’s harnesses.  This series is one of our most popular due to the budget pricing. ExoFit series harness provide a comfortable fit with its breathable lining. This is a single piece harness that easily slides on while out in the field.

The ExoFit XP take the Exofit to the next level of comfort by adding additional padding. In addition, all the pads are removable and washable for extended life.

Our ExoFit Nex series is one of the most advanced harnesses on the market today. DBI took everything they learned from the Exofit series and made it just a tad better by reducing the weight and adding just a little more comfort to the series.

The Exofit STRATA series is becoming very popular with billboard climbers. The STRATA series is the ultimate in harnesses. Once again, DBI had increased the comfort levels and reduced the weight. Most importantly, DBI incorporated the LIFTech system into the harness. LIFTech helps distribute your load by taking the load off your shoulders and distributes to the hips. Great harness for employees with back issues.

Please see the catalogue’s below. Also while your there, check out DBI’s current promotion. Through 2017 DBI Sala is giving you the opportunity to trade in your beat up harness in their ” Trade-In, Trade Up Program”. Great opportunity to earn some cash while upgrading your equipment.

DBI Nex Harness

Next Generation Full Body Harnesses

DBI-Sala® STRATA™ Brochure

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DBI-Sala® Exofit NEX™ Harness

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DBI-Sala® Exofit™ Harness

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