DBI Lad-Saf System

Complete safety and security when climbing fixed ladders

With Federal OSHA regulations bearing down on us, many of our customers have called inquiring on ladder safety systems. Our most popular system used for billboard applications is the Lad-Saf® system by DBI.

The Lad-Saf® system is typically attached to ladders 24 ft. above grade. It consists of a galvanized top bracket, a galvanized bottom bracket, and a cable guide installed every 25 ft. in the middle. A 3/8″ cable runs vertically from the top bracket down to the bottom bracket. For simple installation, the top bracket mounts to 3 ladder rungs up to 1 1/18″ in diameter. The bottom bracket attaches to 2 rungs also up to 1 1/8″ in diameter.

The most common flexible cable sleeve used with the Lad-Saf® is the X3. Designed for 3/8″ cable, the X3 is designed for one-handed attachment and detachment. Consisting of a dual independent locking systems for extra safety. In the event a climber falls, the sleeve locks into the cable arresting the fall and remains locked until the climber can self rescue or be rescued. A swivel end provides the billboard climber increased mobility. If your plant implements RFID tagging, the unit is easily scan able. Another great feature of the X3 is the integrated energy absorber. The feature reduces the maximum fall arrest forces. The absorber also serves the purpose of a fall indicator, showing the device has been deployed so it can be taken out of service by the operator.

Benefits and Features

  • Globally Certified to ANSI, CE and CSA standards
  • Easily install the Lad-Saf® system with standard wrenches
  • Maintenance free and built to last with corrosion resistant materials with non-metallic cable guides to mitigate cable wear

Instructional Video | 3M™ DBI-SALA® Lad-Saf™ Flexible Cable Ladder Safety Systems

Lad-Saf for Fixed Ladders

Documents for Download

DBI-Sala® Lad-Saf™ X3 Brochure

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DBI-Sala® Lad-Saf™ SpecSheet

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