SignVue LED Billboard Light Fixture by Holophane

30 to 60%…more ‘light on the board’ than any other LED light fixture

78% more…energy efficient than HID lighting fixtures

130 lpWup to 130 lumens per watt with exceptional light uniformity

< 28 lbs.lightweight, ultra-durable & easy to install on a new or existing billboard

In the outdoor advertising industry, the most light on the board equals “most efficient”.

The Sign Vue 2 LED family is our next generation of LED billboard light fixtures specifically designed to meet the needs of the outdoor industry. Built on breakthrough LED technology and dedicated optics for specific poster and bulletin applications, the Sign-Vue LED 2 provides exceptional uniform illumination while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Built on the design philosophy “MORE LIGHT WHERE YOU NEED IT–ON THE BOARD, watt for watt, the Sign-Vue LED 2 delivers twice as much light to a billboard as our leading LED competitors.”

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Benefits of the Sign Vue LED Fixture

  • 5000K CCT, for best color rendering
  • Exceptional light uniformity including your apron
  • More light on the billboard means less light trespass. Minimized to be Dark Sky friendly
  • Efficacy improvements up to 130 LPW, best in class
  • Provides choice of lumen and wattage for both rural and urban applications with one luminaire
  • Industry’s simplest LED billboard light fixture installation
  • Only billboard specific LED fixture to provide a prismatic lens and optic

Let’s take a minute to measure and compare your lighting options.

  • Robust Holophane construction
  • Available in: PanelVue®, SignVue® and AdVue® optics depending on your lighting needs
  • Low profile ensures luminaire not visible in sign messaging
  • FAO field-adjustable dimmer module provides design flexibility
  • Provides choice of lumen and wattage for both rural and urban applications with one luminaire

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Holophane Sign Vue LED 2

Longevity, ease of installation, and incredibly low maintenance

Sign Vue 2 LED is proven to have the lowest total cost of ownership in the billboard lighting industry.

  • Luminaire mounts to existing 1.25 inch round or 1.5 inch square tube
  • Robust IP66 rated prismatic borosilicate optics increase durability and reduce dirt depreciation
  • ANSI C136 10kV/5kA surge protection
  • Typical Robust Holophane cast housing 5,000 hour rated salt spray finish
  • Weight < 28 lbs.( ½ of comparable HID)
  • L70> 100,000 hours

Whether you are installing a new billboard or retrofitting your entire market, the SignVue is the simplest LED fixture installation in the industry.

See why the SignVue® 2 LED billboard light fixture from Holophane is the industry’s best solution for illuminating outdoor advertising.

Documents for Download

Sign Vue LED 2 Brochure

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Sign Vue LED 2 Spec Sheet

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Sign Vue 2 LED Install Sheet

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Holophane LED Service Guide

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