Panel Vue 2 LED By Holophane

Holophane Panel Vue 2 LED

Our wide and short optic, perfect for copy under 12 ft in height

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About this product

For the last 30 years, the Panel Vue has been lighting Posters and JRs all over the world.

Our wide and short optic, perfect for copy under 12 ft in height

As technology progressed, so has the Panel Vue. Reliable is proud to introduce to you the Panel Vue 2 LED. The Panel Vue optic is our shorter and wider beam pattern offering. Excellent fixture choice for a wide array of billboards from posters, 10’6 x 36, and 12 x 40’s. No apron, no problem with the Panel Vue 2 LED fixture. Designed to be placed anywhere from zero to 2 ft below the copy, this LED billboard light fixture is our most forgiving.

Advantages of the Panel Vue LED

  • The only LED billboard light fixture serving Outdoor to receive “Premium” status from DLC
  • 78% Energy Savings over the traditional 400 W Panel Vue HID fixtures
  • 108 Watts producing 12,980 lumens
  • Engineered optics as a direct replacement for your existing Panel Vue HID fixtures
  • Overlapping Distribution Eliminates Dark Spots common with other LED products available to our industry
  • Tool-less access
  • Superior Uniformity and Color Rendering
  • Available Field Adjustable Dimmer provides choice of lumen and wattage for both rural and urban applications with one luminaire


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