Super Metalarc

Lamps for your Holophane Panel and Sign Vue fixtures

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Lamps for Holophane’s Panel Vue and Sign Vue fixtures

Sylvania Super Metalarc Lamps are position dedicated, which means that they are specifically designed to run in a specific operating position. This feature allows these lamps to exhibit improved performance over standard (universal) metal halide lamps of similar wattage. Product features include longer life, higher maintained lumens and increased efficacy.

Most billboard light fixtures require a horizontal burn lamp. Our two most popular lamps fall into the Super Metalarc category. They are the MS400HOR and the MS250HOR. These are the correct lamps for Holophane’s Panel Vue and Sign Vue fixtures dating from 1980 to 2010.

Need help determining which lamp is correct for your fixture?
You have a few choices, call us or look at the socket in which the lamp goes into. The original Sign Vue’s and Panel Vues will have a tan colored socket. At the end of the socket, you will notice the threads. A billboard fixture that utilizes a HOR lamp will have a notch at the very end of the socket. This allows the nipple on the socket end of the lamp to lock into the correct place. This forces the curved tube inside the HOR lamp to face horizontal with the ground allowing the gases to move more freely. If your socket does not have a notch in it, you might have a pulse start Sign Vue or Panel Vue fixture. The pulse start lights were produced from 2010 on due to federal regulations. Not only do they not have a notch in the socket, they also have a ignitor on the ballast. Typically this looks like a bar of soap mounted on the left side of the fixture.

Consider This:
If your billboard light fixture calls for a HOR lamp, it is very important to use one. The factory designed the fixture around it for a reason. A position dedicated lamp lasts 25% longer than a universal lamp and has 20% greater lumen output.


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