Standard Metalarc

Lamps for your older Express and Crouse Hinds fixtures

Sylvania’s Standard Metalarc lamp family offers a wide range of general lighting lamps ranging from 175W to 1500 Watts.

From the warehouse to the office we have you covered for you daily needs. The Standard Metalarc lamps offer exceptional white light and allow for design flexibility from a position standpoint with multiple light source solutions to choose from at an affordable price.

Our most common lamp is the M400U. This is the correct lamp for the older Holophane Express Lights and the Crouse Hinds Knight Lights for billboard lighting. Typically these are defined by the remote ballast systems. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the correct lamp for the Panel or Sign Vue billboard fixture. Although the lamp is called universal, it is only designed to be in a vertical position plus or minus 15 degrees. So much for universal as the Holophane Sign Vue and Panel Vue both have the lamps positioned at 90 degrees. Yes, it will work, but the light output is significantly diminished and lumen output is decreased. Color shift will also show prematurely.

For more information be sure to read our article on using the correct lamp in your Holophane fixture.

Sylvania Standard Metalarc Lamp

Consider This

When used in a Panel Vue or Sign Vue fixture a M400U produces 32,000 lumens and lasts for 15,000 hours on average. When the MS400/HOR is used in the same fixture, the light output increases to 39,000 lumens and the life increases to 20,000. This is a substantial increase in lumen output and life expectancy.

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Standard Metalarc Specefications

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HID Lamp Product Safety Sheet

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