Ad Vue Master Color Elite HID

For billboard lighting applications, including 14' by 48' bulletins

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About this product

The industry leading fixture, the Ad Vue, is now available in the latest state of the art technology

With dramatic improvements in energy efficiency, color rendering, life of the lamp, and far less gradual reduction in the lamp performance over its lifespan, the Ad Vue Master Color Elite provides you optimized economy and excellence in performance.

Not only will these improvements help to make you advertising message “POP” among the sea of billboards on the landscape, but they will also provide you a more sustainable and reliable solutions from the most respected name in lighting for the Outdoor Advertising Industry.

The AD Vue Master Color Elite billboard light fixture is the premier offering in HID technology. Utilizing the patented Philips MCE lamps and a electronic ballast system allows the billboard operator to switch from either 210 watt lamps or 315 watt lamps with the simple flip of a switch located on the side of the ballast.

Advantages of the Ad Vue Master Color Elite

  • Up to 63% energy reduction over existing HID technology
  • Over 40% improvement in color rendering (even greater than LED’s)
  • 90 + CRI. Highest Fixture offering in the Outdoor industry
  • 60% longer lamp life
  • 73% improvement in lamp lumen depreciation
  • 27% higher efficacy (lumens per watt)
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Surge Protection
  • Available in both 210 and 315 watts with just the flip of a switch and lamp replacement.
  • Reliable solid state technology from Holophane.
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