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Holophane’s Original Two Fixture Solution

So you have a Bulletin and can’t decide how you want to light it. You have several options using HID billboard lights. The traditional way using 4 Sign Vue 400W HID light fixtures or the more practical and energy efficient way using 2 Ad Vue 400W HID light fixtures. With the cost of energy screaming through the roof and stricter local billboard lighting ordinances, there was a need for the development of a more efficient sign lighting system.

This led to Holophane, the innovator in billboard lighting, to develop an industry first with the introduction of the Ad Vue billboard fixture with the patented AdMaster® optics. The Ad Vue system only requires two 400W pulse start fixtures to illuminate a standard 14′ x 48′ bulletin face.

Reliable also has custom fabricated aluminum arms available for the Holophane Ad Vue Fixtures.

Also available as a 147 watt Ad Vue LED version.


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