Billboard Surge Arresters

Minimize the risk of damage from electrical surges

Want to protect you new LED billboard lights? Delta and Intermatic lightning surge arresters have you covered.

Lightning and fluctuations in utility power (caused by grid switching, for example) are often assumed to be the main sources of power disturbances. However, the overwhelming cause is actually equipment, such as heavy motors and appliances, upstream of your billboard lights turning on and off. Even simply switching lights on and off will cause electrical surges. In fact, it is estimated that 65% of all transient voltage surges are generated from inside sources, while only 35% come from outside.

Utility industry experts estimate that problems resulting from transient voltage surges cost U.S. companies a stunning $26 billion annually. This figure not only includes the high price of direct damage to electrical distribution systems, electronic equipment, lights, and microprocessor controllers, but also the crippling cost of lost productivity. This means that minimizing the risk of damage from electrical surges is an absolute priority for companies of all types, all across the globe.

Outdoor billboard surge arrester

Location Variables That Increase The Risk Of External Transients

  • High lightning activity at the end of a utility line
  • On a transmission line downstream of industrial facilities
  • At a higher elevation than surrounding structures
  • In an open rural location

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