Billboard fixture ballasts

A complete line of high-quality ballasts including weatherproof

The largest stocking distributor of weatherproof ballast in the country

Ballasts and lamps are the lifeline to a great performing light. Eventually every HID billboard light fixture is going to need a ballast or capacitor and chances are we have plenty in stock.

Not sure which one you need for your lights, give us a call and we’ll make your life easy. Reliable Electric is the largest stocking distributor of weatherproof ballast in the country. High volume equals great pricing!

Please see below for a downloadable trouble shooting guide provided by Advance Ballasts. Please remember to use safe practices when working with open voltage. If you are not qualified, please have a certified electrician perform the task for you.

We also have posted wiring diagrams for our most popular replacement ballast kits pertaining to the billboard industry.

Billboard Fixture Ballast

Advance LED drivers are also available

Documents for Download

Troubleshooting a HID Ballast - Copy

(1 MB - pdf) Open

71A5770 Wire Diagram for 250 Watt Fixtures

(41 KB - pdf) Open

71A6071 Wire Diagram for 400 Watt Fixtures

(1 MB - pdf) Open

71A6092A Wire Diagram for 400 Watt Pulse Start Fixtures

(78 KB - pdf) Open

79W6351 Wire Diagram for WP Ballasted Fixtures

(774 KB - pdf) Open

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